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Are you ready to change the influences affecting your health, family and or practice?

Dr. Julie McLaughlin

Guaranteed to deliver actionable content to patients.

The audiences will learn science-based lifestyle steps to improve your life


Participants walk away with real-world skills that help them to:


  • Predict current and future health challenges

  • How to prevent, correct and reverse chronic disease

  • Gain a personalized approach to each person and each condition

  • Custom Topics based on the needs and desires of each group


Dr. Julie McLaughlin

   Backed by decades of practice

               and study

All presentations are developed by a one-of-its-kind process to scientifically research the most recent health and wellness protocols to influence lifestyle changes that will move advanced lab markers.  


  • Outcomes are measured and managed

  • Personal experience, stories, and case studies demonstrate real-life scenarios in changing some of the most chronic diseases we suffer from today.

  • Time and research-tested protocols without potential dangerous side-effects of medications.

Dr. Julie McLaughlin

Train the Doctor


We teach doctors to read advanced lab markers necessary for the measured outcomes in functional medicine. 


Knowing the science is only half the battle.  Implementing it in a real-world busy practice is where the secret sauce is.  Doctors learn a turn-key approach to adding this new tool to their toolbox without the struggle of re-inventing the wheel. 


The programs are delivered online 24/7.  Depending where you are starting we have 3 offerings Intro course Functional Medicine 101, Advanced course Functional Labs 101 Lifestyle course Nutrigenomics 101.

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