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About Me

Dr. Julie McLaughlin
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Dr. Julie McLaughlin
Passionate About Inspiring Others

Dr. Julie McLaughlin has dedicated over three decades to transforming the health and lives of countless individuals through her multifaceted wellness initiatives. As the visionary behind Begin with Wellness, she extends her expertise not only in clinical settings but also through a robust digital presence, including nine ebooks, dynamic teaching engagements, and impactful public speaking. 

Her academic journey is marked by dual Bachelor of Science degrees in biology, nutrition, and chemistry, followed by a distinguished Doctorate in Chiropractic. Dr. McLaughlin's commitment to lifelong learning is evidenced by her extensive post-graduate education, encompassing over 300 hours in nutrition and internal medicine, more than 600 hours in acupuncture, certifications in advanced laboratory studies, gluten sensitivity, therapeutic lifestyle medicine, applied clinical nutrition, and brain health coaching in collaboration with the Amen Clinic.

Renowned as one of the Midwest's premier wellness practitioners, Dr. McLaughlin's practice is a beacon for a diverse clientele, including celebrities, elite athletes, entrepreneurs, business professionals, students, and families, all seeking to optimize their health. Her roles as a chiropractor, acupuncturist, functional medicine practitioner, educator, speaker, and author underscore her multifaceted approach to wellness.


As the founder of Begin with Wellness and co-founder of Fearless Coders, Dr. McLaughlin continues to pioneer paths to healthful living, embodying the very essence of holistic and integrative medicine.

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